Where can I open an account to buy stocks? Can I open an account online?

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Where can I open an account to buy shares , Can I open an account online ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello , Stock account opening needs to be handled in the securities company , Generally, there are two ways to open an account in the business department on site and online . If you are older than 70 year , You can only choose to open an account at the counter of the business department , Both methods need to prepare personal ID card and my bank card .
Online account opening is not limited by time and region , More and more favored by young investors , Now the online account opening process of stock is attached , I hope I can help you ! Generally, after opening an account online and identifying the account opening link, you need to go through the following steps :
1、 Verify phone number ——2、 Upload ID card ——3、 Perfect information ——4、 video recording ——5、 Do risk assessment ——6、 Set the password , Bind bank card ——7、 Fill in the questionnaire , Wait for the account to be opened .
For novices 2 Some suggestions can give you :
1、 When choosing securities companies, don't blindly seek the lowest Commission and ignore the service , Novices need more learning and guidance .
2、 The stock market is risky , We need to do a good job in fund management and continuous learning .
Happy investment ! If you have any questions, please click "consult" again !

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