What are the handling charges for futures companies and how are the handling charges for futures fixed.

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What are the handling charges for futures companies , How to fix the Futures Commission .

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Hello! , Futures Commission is composed of two parts , The exchange has a fixed standard , Then futures companies will charge a certain proportion of their standards , This additional charge ratio can be negotiated with the account manager . If you open an account with me , This can give you a discount .

First we need to know , The profit method of futures companies only depends on the collection of transaction fees , The exchange is a non-profit organization , The reason for charging handling fees is to ensure the normal operation of the exchange , There are two parts to charge domestic futures commission :
1、 Handling charges charged by the exchange , There are fixed values and rate values , A fixed value is a fixed price per hand , Like sugar 3 element / hand ; The rate value is calculated through the intraday price , For example, the handling rate of Shanghai lead is 10000 0.4, The calculation method is the current price 15180* Trading unit 5 Tons of * The proportion of handling fee 0.4%%* Hand count 1=3 element .

2、 Exchange floating charge , It's an extra charge on the basis of transaction search , This part is specially agreed by the futures company , Or special adjustment for individual varieties , The common service charge in the market is that of the exchange 3 times , For example, the exchange is 1 element / hand , So what futures companies are chasing is 3 element / hand , The total is 4 element / hand .( Common is 3 times , But the handling fee can be adjusted to double or lower ).
( See the essence through the surface , Futures companies are just carriers of trading , Service charge is a link that cannot be ignored , Also welcome to exchange )

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