Which futures trading service charge is low? Which futures account is the best

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Which futures trading service charge is lower ? Which futures account is the best

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Hello! , There are many futures companies ranking high in China , such as : Minsheng futures 、 Founder futures 、 GF Futures 、 Zhongyan futures 、 Yong'an Futures 、 Guohai Liangshi futures 、 The above futures companies are all top ranked futures companies , All aspects are quite perfect , It can meet the current trading needs of investors , If you want to reduce the Futures Commission to open an account , You need to talk to the account manager before opening an account , If you open an account yourself , The handling charges of futures companies will generally be charged by default , If it is the default handling fee , Generally based on the exchange 3 About times , This is also a multiple fee , Therefore, you are not recommended to open an account by yourself .

The account opening process is as follows :
1、 Satisfy 18 One year old
2、 Get your ID ready 、 Bank card 、 Hand signed photos 、
3、 App store download App
4、 Submit personal information according to the process
5、 Upload relevant information , certificates
6、 Video return visit 、 Waiting for approval
7、 After passing the review, the bank will sign the contract
8、 The next day's transaction .

If you need a domestic high-quality futures account, you can click on the avatar to add friends to apply for , Contact me to handle futures account advantages : Enjoy quality service ,1 Yes 1 Provide professional account opening guidance . The service charge rate can be greatly reduced , The handling fee is transparent and there is no routine . It can meet your transaction needs , Recommended by established futures companies . Finally, I wish you a smooth investment !

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