How should Beijing choose a securities firm to open an account on a mobile phone?

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How to choose a securities firm when opening a mobile account in Beijing ?

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Hello! , Beijing wants to open a credit securities account , The default Commission in the market is about 10000 , But because everyone has different amounts of money , So the Commission will be different , If you choose a securities firm, you can choose it according to the service 、 commission 、 Securities companies should comprehensively consider which securities company to choose based on their word-of-mouth , Contacting the account manager in advance can negotiate a satisfactory rate for you , You can also consult one-on-one .

The detailed account opening steps of mobile phone are as follows :

(1) Need to enter 11 Sign in with a mobile phone number and a verification code

(2) Upload the front and back of the ID card

(3) Fill in my true information according to the prompt 、 full name 、 Age 、 Address, etc

(4) Video authentication

(5) Fund account setting , Bind bank card and answer questions

(6) Submit an account opening application

(7) Waiting for review

You can click in the upper right corner to open an account with me , Our company ranks as a securities firm , More professional one-on-one service , Directly to you VIP Account commission cost price

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