How to handle the futures account opening process

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How to handle the futures account opening process

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Futures account opening can be divided into business department account opening and online account opening , Now all accounts are opened online , You need to have your ID card ready 、 Bank card 、 Handwritten signature , Download good futures in the mobile app store APP, You can open an account , Convenient and quick , Generally need 20 About minutes , You can ask the account manager to help you open , Saving time .

The futures account opening process is as follows

1, Download the futures account opening cloud on your mobile phone ( China Securities Regulatory Commission's national unified account opening software app)
2, Choose the futures company to open an account , Upload ID card , Bank card and other certificates
3, Select the futures business department , Fill in information
4, Investors choose ordinary investors
5, Fill out the risk tolerance Questionnaire
6, Choose three major futures exchanges ( They are the Shanghai Stock Exchange , Big business , Zheng Shangsuo )
7, Witness the video with the staff of the futures company
8, Silver bound , Account opening completed

Novice account opening , Please choose a regular and reliable futures company to open an account , Pay attention to service, welcome to add friends and give you detailed answers , Be patient and professional and give you satisfactory discounts and pertinent and reliable suggestions ! Open an account and contact me , I wish you a happy life .

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