How to buy ETF funds? Do I need to open a separate account to buy ETF funds?

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How to buy ETF fund ? buy ETF Does the fund need to open a separate account ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello ,ETF Fund purchase methods are divided into on-site and off-site trading , Their trading rules have the following differences :
1、 Trading places are different
In the field ETF Buy and sell directly on the secondary market like stocks , Need to have a trading account of a securities company , And off the court ETF fund , Investors through fund companies 、 Banks and other sales agencies apply for redemption , Just have a fund account .
2、 Transaction costs vary
In the field ETF fund , Generally, only transaction commissions are charged , According to different securities companies , The charging standards are different , And off the court etf The fund may charge a subscription fee 、 Management cost 、 Custody fees and sales service fees , In the field etf transaction cost , Relatively off-site etf For funds , Less .
3、 Different trading methods
In the field etf Its trading method is similar to that of stocks , take T+1 Transaction mode , That is, the fund bought on that day , You need to wait until the next trading day to sell , And the field etf fund , Generally, after the confirmation of fund shares , Before you can sell , The waiting time may be longer than that in the field .
in summary , Open a securities account to buy ETF The fund is the most convenient , If you have any other questions, please consult again !

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