Zhongyi technology applied for new shares on June 27. Is it time for me to register my stock account?

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Zhongyi technology in 6.27 Subscription of new shares , Do I have time to register my stock account now ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! ,

It's too late to open a stock account . Because the subscription of new shares requires you to meet the daily average assets before the subscription 1 More than ten thousand yuan .

Low commission account opening , Margin trading , Options, etc. are as low as the cost price of our company .

Take the answer 2:
Hello! , It's too late , The subscription of new shares requires the market value of the account to meet the corresponding requirements , Specifically, before the purchase T-2 Japan ( contain T-2 day ,T It's the subscription day ) front 20 The average daily market value of shares held in the corresponding market for more than 10, 000 trading days , It's too late now , I suggest you open an account first , Then wait for the next new share .

If you are interested in playing new , The trading software of our company will intelligently make innovations , Welcome to open an account !

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