What is the mobile account opening process? My family lives in a remote area. Is there a better way to open an account?

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What is the mobile account opening process ? My family lives in a remote area , Is there a better way to open an account ?

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Hello! ! The specific operation steps are as follows :
1、 First , Go to the application market to download securities companies APP, There are many securities companies in China APP, Choose your own ;
2、 Get your bank card and ID card ready , On weekdays in the morning 9:00- Afternoon 15:00 Select mobile registration . Of course , This is just a small series of suggestions . Generally speaking , At this time, employees are at work .
3、 Install well App Click open after , Then you can find a magnifying glass sign , Click start to enter the search , Input “ Accounts ” Two words , Generally, we can see the label of opening an account .
4、 Click the account opening tab , Enter the account opening operation , At this time, we usually need to input our personal information , Bank card information . Note that through these student information must be true and accurate .
5、 Through voice and video authentication ,;
6、 After verification , The stock account is opened , Then you can use your stock account happily .

It's not difficult to open an account , You don't have to go anywhere , No need to go to the physical business hall , You can open an account on weekends and Sundays , a week 7 All day 24 You can apply at any time , Simple and quick , Online account opening is recommended here .

If you need to open an account, you can contact to handle it and enjoy VIP rate , I provide professional stock knowledge answers , One on one professional services , You can contact me if you need .

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