What is the age limit for opening futures accounts? Can I open an account at 65? Can I open a futures account?

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What is the age limit for opening futures accounts ?65 Can I open an account at the age of ? Can I open a futures account ?

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Hello! , The age range of futures account opening is 18-65 Between the ages of , Futures companies consider that the futures market fluctuates greatly and has certain risks , It is not recommended that minors and the elderly do futures investment ,65 You can open a futures account at the age of , Age required for account opening 18-65 year , Prepare information : Id card , Bank card , Signed photos in black and white , Click to open an account , Follow the prompts step by step to open an account 15 In about minutes , The opening time is from Monday to Friday morning 8:40-11:30, Afternoon 1:00-5:00.

Futures account opening process :
1, Id card 、 The bank card should be complete and clear
2, Videos should be accompanied by ID cards
3, A signed photo is a photo with your name on white paper
4, The contact address should be specific to the house number
5, Fill in the risk assessment truthfully ,
6, Education background in basic information and risk assessment 、 occupation 、 Information such as marital status does not conflict
7, Do not choose the last question for individual investors “ Futures Hedging ”
8, The digital certificate password cannot be set too simply , Such as 123456, Repeated passwords such as numbers will cause the certificate installation to fail
9, After opening the account, the account will be sent by SMS , After the successful signing of the silver period, you can enter the gold transaction

Opening an account is just the first step , There are... In China 149 A regular futures company , How to choose a suitable futures platform is the most important , Futures account opening 、 Service Charge 、 margin 、 Risk control and other issues , There is also the need for follow-up services 、 When you encounter a problem you don't know, who to consult? These are all problems , Welcome to click on avatar for free consultation , One to one service .

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