How to open the account of CSC?

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How to open the account of CSC ?

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Hello! , It's a great honor to answer your question . If you have a certain understanding of financial management or you want to further understand , I suggest you keep your money bag .
CSC account opening , The whole process of online stock account opening :
1、 Download the company's app, Prepare your ID card and bank card ,
2、 Then fill in the corresponding data information in the blank according to the information in the figure below
3、 Select the default Business Department of the securities company , Click next
4、 Upload the front and back of the ID card according to the prompt , After uploading successfully , Click next for photo Authentication
5、 Contracted depository bank
6、 Opening Shanghai Stock Market , Shenzhen market , And you can also check the fund account , Together
7、 Risk assessment
If you need to open a stock account, you can contact me , Domestic listed securities companies serve you wholeheartedly , Meet your needs , Industry ultra-low commission to you !

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