Taiyuan commodity futures account opening conditions

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Taiyuan commodity futures account opening conditions

Take the answer 1:
Hello! ! Taiyuan commodity futures accounts can be opened online , At present, all futures companies in the futures market can handle it online , Internet age , Futures account opening operation is simple 、 Fast processing , Stay at home and effectively save time and cost , Opening an account requires only 10 about .

Futures account opening process :
1, First find an account manager , Because you will encounter all kinds of difficult problems in trading and opening an account
2, A bank card is required 、 Id card 、 Pen and paper
3, download app, Follow the instructions , And review customer service videos ( Find a quiet and undisturbed place )
4, After passing the review, you can directly sign the deposit transaction in the banking period

The above is the futures account opening method and account opening process , I hope I can help you , If you need to know about futures , Welcome to add my friend for free online consultation

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