Which securities company should I choose to open a stock account?

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Open a stock account to choose which securities company to open an account ?

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Hello! , Glad to be able to solve your problem , I hope I can really help you . If you want to start a financial journey , Must choose normal 、 Financial management through legal channels .
As long as you choose a regular securities firm to open an account , Generally selected top securities companies , Because the services provided are quite complete , After all, we open brokerage accounts not just to invest in stocks , It can also be used to buy funds 、 conduct financial transactions 、 Treasury bonds and other investments . The safety factor of top securities companies is higher , Besides the security of stock trading , There is also personal information protection and so on ; The trading software of top securities companies generally have a better sense of experience , After all, money can find a better team to develop trading software ;....... Wait for the benefits . So what are the top securities companies in China ? You can directly look at the ones selected by the CSRC , Absolute authority . For details, you can refer to the original text of the CSRC :《 China Securities Regulatory Commission announced 2021 Classification results of securities companies in 》. I'll give you the domestic 15 Home top AA Level brokers have a haircut , You can watch it directly . Huatai securities 、 Citic built for 、 Galaxy securities, 、 Anxin securities 、 Everbright securities 、 Guotai junan 、 Guosen securities 、 Ping An Securities 、 Shenwan Hongyuan 、 China merchants securities 、 China international capital corporation 、 Citic securities, 、 Orient securities 、 Societe Generale Securities 、 Wide hair negotiable securities .
If you need to open a stock account, you can contact me , Ask me to open an account and give you a cost Commission ,7*24 You can open an account within hours !

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