How do novices get new bonds? What app do they use to get new bonds? Specific process

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How do novices make new debts and what to use app The specific process of making new debt

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Hello! , Novices who want to pay new debts need to apply for a stock account first , For new debts app Trading software of securities companies , After the account opening is approved, log in to the securities firm's APP, We should first open the trading authority of convertible bonds , Then it can be used normally on the second trading day , If there are new debts, you can participate in the subscription .
The specific process is :
1、 Contact our securities manager online to apply for account opening QR code download App
2、 After scanning the code, enter the mobile phone number to verify ;
3、 Click to upload the front and back photos of your ID card , It's best to take a picture with a brighter light
4、 Enter your bank card number
5、 Do risk assessment after inputting the card number , There will be different questions , Choose according to your own situation ;
6、 Set transaction password and fund password . The transaction password is the password you need to enter to log in to the transaction software ,
7、 Enter video authentication , Connect customer service video call , Just confirm your identity .
8、 Submission ,
After receiving the capital account number, the next trading day can be normal .
The above is my answer to your question , Welcome to make an appointment online and I will open a low commission account for you , You can save time and effort by asking me to open an account .

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