Where can I open an account for the external gold spot? A reliable platform should be selected like this

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Where can I open an account for the spot gold A reliable platform should be selected in this way

Take the answer 1:
Open an account online for the external gold spot ;
External gold generally refers to the international spot gold with the largest trading volume .
International spot gold is provided by licensed international foreign exchange brokers to open accounts , Must be handled Online .
The method of opening an account for external gold spot :
1、 Find an international dealer platform for formal international financial supervision through the Internet ;
2、 Legal citizen , Over the age of 18 One year old , Prepare ID card and email , Log in to the official website of the international dealer platform , Registered account ;
3、 After the account is approved , Prepare funds transfer and remittance ;
4、 After the deposit is completed , Download trading software , It is generally international trading software MT4, Or the dealer's own software ;
5、 Log in to the trading software , Start trading ;
6、 Give money at any time 、 The principal and profit capital can be paid at any time .

Reliable platforms must be those with strict international regulatory licenses , And it is better to have multi-national license plates , And a platform that has been operating for a long time .
It has the following characteristics :
【1】 One platform holds multiple national regulatory positions at the same time , Publication of regulatory licences , It's available online ;【 Strict regulation 】
【2】 Only provide account opening and trading platform , Uncommitted earnings 、 Don't shout a single ;【 Autonomous transaction 】
【3】 There is no threshold for opening an account 、 Freedom of access , There are no entry and exit restrictions ;【 Free access money 】
【4】 There are no conditions for making profits or giving money , And it won't let investors pay taxes 、 Deposit, etc .【 There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of gold 】

I hope my answer will help you ;
If you want to know more about high-quality platforms 、 Identify true and false platforms 、 Avoid minefields ;
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reminder : Investment is risky , Careful choice .

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