How to open an account for Wuhai futures? Which futures company has a relatively low commission for futures and is suitable for novices to open an account?

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How to open an account for Wuhai futures , Which futures company has a lower Futures Commission , Suitable for novice account opening ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Wuhai futures accounts can be opened online , At present, there are 150 Futures companies , Retail investors can choose to open accounts , For retail investors , The most important thing is to choose the one with low handling fee , Because this can help us to save transaction costs , The second is good service , Novice just joined the market , There are many things you don't know , Then through good service , It will enable us to integrate into the market faster .

Futures account opening process :
1、 The first is to download futures companies app、 Register mobile number 、
2、 Accounts , Fill in identity information , Risk testing 、 Video authentication
3、 Wait patiently for the SMS to be sent to the fund account
4、 After the successful signing of the silver futures contract, you can log in to the futures software for gold trading

The handling charges for domestic futures can be lowered , Fees are like the cost of doing business , Only the lower the cost , The higher the income , The Commission of futures is divided into two parts , They are collected by exchanges and futures companies respectively , Each futures company in the exchange is the same , Just like the stamp duty on shares , The difference lies in the part that futures companies charge . Because of the fees charged by futures companies , It's not fixed , It can be adjusted through negotiation , Through the account manager of the futures company . For example, the service charge is relatively favorable , You can choose founder futures , Minsheng futures , This is also the first choice for many investors to open accounts .

Opening a futures account is the first step in our futures trading , Choose a good futures company , Good information can also make us better grasp the direction , Preferential handling charges can also save us a lot of money in the long run , If you are ready to open an account , You can contact me directly , Give you the most satisfactory discount

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