Can I open an account today and buy shares today? What information do I need to bring with me to open an account?

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Open an account today can I buy shares today ? What information do I need to bring with me to open an account ?

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Hello! , You can open an account today ! Open an account online , a week 7 All day 24 You can apply at any time , You can apply on weekends, Sundays and other non working hours , Simple and quick , Therefore, it is recommended to open an account online

Open a stock account online , It takes a short time to complete , Normal minutes , If you slow down, you can finish it in ten minutes . Although it is fast and simple , But there are still the following requirements for opening an account , Not much to prepare for , Please check out :
1、 Over the age of 18 year
2、 Get your ID card and bank card ready ;
3、 Prepare a mobile phone with a camera to take pictures ( There is a front camera );

If you need to open an account, you can contact me for low rate , One of our top ten securities companies , One to one service , You can also get it for free 8 Great rights ,10 Years of professional experience allows you to invest less detours .

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