How to open an account for futures on the Internet? Which futures company has a relatively low commission for futures and is suitable for retail investors to open an account?

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How to open an online futures account , Which futures company has a lower Futures Commission , Suitable for retail accounts ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , There is no geographical restriction on futures account opening , Unlike before, you need to go to a business outlet to open an account , Now all domestic futures companies can open accounts online , One mobile phone can solve your problem .

Futures companies that can be selected for futures account opening , share 150 Home selectable , Are regulated by the CSRC , The funds are also deposited by the bank , The deal is guaranteed , Each futures company has its own special , Investors can choose their own .

The procedures for preparing futures account opening :
Futures account opening conditions : Over the age of 18 One year old , No bad credit record ,
Account opening preparation materials : Get your ID ready , Bank card , Handwritten signature photo phone , Download futures company APP You can open an account directly , It's simple !
Two : Specific account opening steps
1、 Upload ID card 、 Bank card , Submit the application for opening an account ;
2、 Risk assessment , Video authentication
3、 Telephone follow up , Account opening approved
4. Bank signing , Deposit transaction

The handling charges for domestic futures can be lowered , Fees are like the cost of doing business , Only the lower the cost , The higher the income , The Commission of futures is divided into two parts , They are collected by exchanges and futures companies respectively , Each futures company in the exchange is the same , Just like the stamp duty on shares , The difference lies in the part that futures companies charge . Because of the fees charged by futures companies , It's not fixed , It can be adjusted through negotiation , Through the account manager of the futures company . For example, the service charge is relatively favorable , You can choose founder futures , Minsheng futures , This is also the first choice for many investors to open accounts .

Opening a futures account is the first step in our futures trading , Choose a good futures company , Good information can also make us better grasp the direction , Preferential handling charges can also save us a lot of money in the long run , If you are ready to open an account , You can contact me directly , Give you the most satisfactory discount

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