What is the process and how to open a stock account

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What is the process of stock account opening , How to drive

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Hello! , To open a stock account, you need to carry your ID card and bank card , Go to the business department of the securities company to find staff to handle on-site , Or download securities companies directly APP Deal with .
Account opening process :
1、 Contact the account manager online , Register through account opening connection of account manager
2、 Take photos and upload the front and back of my ID card , Be careful not to reflect light
3、 Improve basic personal information , occupation 、 Education 、 Contact address
4、 Video authentication after data submission is successful ,
5、 Choose the securities account to open
6、 Set the password , The login password and transaction password here can be set to the same
7、 Bind bank card
8、 Complete risk assessment and questionnaire survey
9、 Submit the account opening process , Wait for the approval of the company .

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