How to open an account for China Merchants Securities?

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The process of opening an account for China Merchants Securities ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Glad to be able to solve your problem , I hope I can really help you . If you want to start a financial journey , Must choose normal 、 Financial management through legal channels .
China Merchants Securities account opening I 、 Online account opening requires your computer to log in to the official website of the securities company for registration .
Two 、 After successful registration , Choose to join the Sales Department , Upload photos
3、 ... and 、 Video witness stage , Reconfirm the account holder information , Set up and install
Digital certificate password .
Four 、 Then select the shareholder account to open , Set transaction password and fund password , Enter the third-party depository page , Select the bank to be used as a third-party depository .
5、 ... and 、 Conduct risk assessment test , Complete the questionnaire return visit , Submit an account opening application .
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