What are the conditions for opening an account on gem? The answer is all here

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What conditions do you need to open an account on gem ? The answers are all here

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , The first thing to say is this , Gem is 300 The initial stock , So now I want to open an account on the gem , You need to meet the following conditions :

1、 First of all, in terms of time , You need to have more than two years of experience in stock and securities trading
2、 And your personal risk assessment 40 More than , Business knowledge evaluation 80 It's OK to score more than
3、 At the same time, you should also fully understand the characteristics of gem risk 、 Can handle
4、 Finally, the requirements for funds , You need to open before 20 The average daily assets of a trading day must be in 10 More than 10000 yuan can
If you can meet the above conditions at the same time 、 You can contact the online manager for guidance .

The account opening process of each securities firm is basically the same , But there is a handling charge for buying and selling stocks , The fees charged by various securities companies are different , Our company is one of the top ten securities companies , The handling fee is also very low , Please click on the top right corner to contact me for internal information vip Account !

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