How much is the Commission for opening an account with tongdaxin stock?

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Expenses for opening a stock account of tongdaxin , What is the general commission ?

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Hello! , Tongdaxin stock account opening is free , The Commission is usually about 30000 .
On site account opening is generally the official default Commission , The default is 10000 3 about , Or you can contact the account manager alone to open an account , Generally, the commission rate of opening an account with the account manager will be relatively low , Basically, as long as you want a low commission during communication, you can give a relatively low commission .

Download securities companies online APP Open an account , Follow the tips on the page .
The basic process of stock account opening : Upload ID photos , Video authentication , Bind bank card , Risk assessment , Return visit .

Contact me to be your account manager , Financing interest rate 5.88% following , The Commission will be adjusted to your cost price , Welcome to wechat telephone consultation !

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