Which securities company should I choose to open an account? Is it troublesome to open a stock account

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Choose which brokerage to open an account for the stock ? Is it troublesome to open a stock account

Take the answer 1:
Choose great wall to open an account , Opening an account online is also a matter of a few minutes. It's not troublesome , The best way to open an account is to choose a securities firm with high rating and early strength , For example, China Merchants Securities , Guotai junan , China international capital corporation , Huatai Securities is the highest level of listing AA Grade securities dealers , Offline outlets all over the country , Can handle business and help investors in time

Which securities company is the best to open an account ? Consider... From the following aspects
One 、 Big company
The company has a large scale and strong strength , It was founded early , Listed securities companies , Among them in 90 The securities companies established in the s include Huatai Securities 、 Haitong securities 、 China Merchants Securities, GF Securities, etc 30 It's been years ,
II. Rating of securities companies
There are grade differences among securities companies , Of course, double A The level is high , There are also A Grade rated securities , Other levels include BBB、BB、B、CC、CC、C、D There are nine levels

If an individual is opening a mobile account, he can submit an application at any time , The examination is also to be examined and approved by the CSRC within the trading time

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The steps of opening an account for stock speculation are the same for all securities companies . Help you save a lot of money , Ask me to open VIP Contact in the upper right corner of the ultra-low commission account

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