The test was successfully completed! C919 ushers in three firsts

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The reporter learned from COMAC that , today 6 when 52 branch , The number is B-001J Of C919 Big plane from Pudong Airport No 4 Runway takeoff , On 9 when 54 Sub safe landing , It marks that COMAC is about to deliver the first aircraft of the first user C919 The first flight test of a large aircraft was successfully completed .

stay 3 Hours 2 Minutes of flying , The flight test personnel shall coordinate with the flight test engineer , Completed the scheduled tasks , The aircraft is in good condition and performance . at present ,C919 The work of obtaining evidence and preparing for delivery of large aircraft for flight test is progressing in an orderly manner .

( CCTV reporter Cui Xia Xu Jing Tao Jiashu Photography: Xu Bingnan )

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