Can I open a stock trading account on my mobile phone? How

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Can I open an account for stock speculation on my mobile phone ? How

Take the answer 1:
You can open an account for stock speculation on your mobile phone , The procedures for opening an account are the same , Those who need to be authenticated by their own identity ,
How to open an account for mobile stock ? Open an account on your mobile phone and bring your ID card 、 Bank card is OK , These are your online account opening , Or the rigid requirement of opening an account offline . Then operate on the mobile phone, and the account manager will handle the account with your link

Now investors are A Account opening , It mainly opens accounts in the offline business department , network . There are two ways to open an account :.
First of all , Account opening of business department .
This requires the investor's place of residence or I There is an offline business department outlet of a securities company near the place of operation , You just need to be on the morning of the trading day 9 It's half past ten
Noon 17 Go through the stock account opening procedures in the business department before .
After arriving at the securities business department , There will be special staff to guide you to complete the stock account opening procedures , The whole account opening process probably needs 40 minute . If you attach
There are no business department outlets of securities companies in the near future , You can choose to open an account online ;
second , Open an account online .
Online account opening has no time and geographical restrictions for investors , There is no business department of a securities company near the place of residence and work, and there is no impact .
Just prepare your ID card , Bank card , Cell phone number and one - A smartphone can complete the whole stock account opening procedure .
Now let me give you a detailed introduction to the process of online account opening :
1. Click the QR code of account opening sent by the investment consultant , Follow the prompts to enter the phone number , Verification Code :
2, Upload the photo of the original ID card , There should be no shelter ;
3, Online video verification , Make sure you open your own account :
4, Set the password , This is very important. You must remember ha ;
6, Choose a regular custodian bank , The big four state-owned banks are the best ;
7. Complete the risk assessment questionnaire online ,18 Multiple choice questions ;
8, Submit an account opening application .

All securities companies, including large and small unlisted and listed securities companies , Can handle basic account opening business , Such as Great Wall Securities , CICC, etc
To choose the formal record , The companies listed in the top ranking of securities companies are better

Regulations : Opening an account is free , Don't charge a penny ! But buying and selling stocks , The securities company will charge a handling fee ,
Our company can provide you with cost and handling charges , Click on the top right corner to find me . Serve you wholeheartedly !

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