What is the commission standard of Shanxi securities?

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What is the commission standard of Shanxi securities ?

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Hello! , Shanxi Securities Commission charging standard is 10000 3 about .
In fact, the Commission of securities companies can be negotiated , But you need to communicate with the account manager first , Account manager is equivalent to the low commission channel launched by securities companies , As long as the account is opened through the Account Manager Channel , Can enjoy preferential low commission accounts .

Account opening can be handled online directly , Get your ID card and bank card ready , Then follow the prompts : Just have your bank card ready + Id card , Then download the account opening securities firm APP, Select a new account -- Cell phone number verification -- Fill in the basic information --- Upload the front and back of ID card --- Fill in the third-party related bank -- Video authentication is OK .

If you need to open an account , You are welcome to contact me at any time , Commission on cost price , High end service , More professional one-on-one guidance !

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