Can I open an account online? How do I open it online

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Can I open an account online for stock speculation ? How do I open it online

Take the answer 1:
Stock trading accounts can be opened online , I need my ID card and bank card to open an account online , Account opening is free ,
When opening an account to buy stocks, the newcomer should choose the securities firm that has filed with the CSRC , The national 130 Many securities companies can

1、 Contact the account manager to open an account with the exclusive QR code , Scan the screen QR code with your mobile phone
2、 Enter the mobile phone number and verification code to register
3、 Prepare your ID card for front and back shooting , You must have a valid ID card to , Also be careful not to take photos with your ID card in your hand
4、 Fill in your own personal information , The contact address must be clearly written , Write down the specific house number
5、 record video : Operate and record according to the video instructions , Speak clearly .
6、 Select the type of shareholder account market you want to open , Shanghai and Shenzhen accounts represent the authority of Shenzhen listed exchange , This needs to be opened
7、 Choose your bank card , Enter your bank card number , Set your transaction login password , These two can be the same
8、 Choose a good risk assessment , Multiple choice answer , Test risk has no impact on account opening
9、 Submit an account opening application , Waiting for a follow-up call

If an individual is opening a mobile account, he can submit an application at any time , The examination is also to be examined and approved by the CSRC within the trading time

Open an account to receive exclusive long and short signal indicators. You can master the main trend of stock speculation
Account opening procedures are the same everywhere , apply VIP The account is low enough to satisfy you. Add in the upper right corner of the Commission

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