How much is the transaction fee for opening a new stock account? Will it be higher than five thousand?

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How much is the transaction fee for opening a new stock account ? Will it be higher than 50000 ?

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Hello! , At present, the default Commission for opening an account of a securities company is RMB 30000 , If you want a securities account with a low commission , Then communicate and negotiate the Commission strength with the account manager . Finally, open an account .
Account opening can be handled directly online , The specific process is as follows :
1、 Download brokerage APP Or register through the account opening connection of the account manager 2、 Fill in personal information , Upload ID photos ;3、 Video authentication , Mainly for identification ;4、 Set transaction password and install security certificate ;5、 Choose to open an account ;6、 Carry out my video authentication ;7、 Set the account password and confirm the opening .

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