Which securities company should I choose to open a stock account? Regular stock account opening platform?

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Which securities company should I choose to open a stock account ? Regular stock account opening platform ?

Take the answer 1:
Gold securities companies should be selected for stock account opening , Formal platforms include securities companies and third parties, such as flush , Securities companies have 130 A number of

Choosing which platform needs to be considered
1. Is it on the market
At home A There are few securities companies listed on the stock market , And the audit and verification are very strict , therefore A All the securities companies listed on the stock market have strength , There are people in the industry
Monuments, , Particularly influential companies
2. Whether the commission rate is appropriate
The most traded stock is trading , If you buy and sell frequently , The commission charged for both transactions is naturally more , So choose a coupon that can adjust the Commission
Business is also more important , It can help you save a lot of expenses in stock trading

Getting started is not just about how much money you need , We need to learn about stocks through books such as introduction to stocks and technical analysis , Also understand the policy side , Analysis and judgment of foundation and professional technology , To go further and further in the market

You can contact me to negotiate the commission rate in advance , No threshold cost discount , Save your time and cost ! Welcome to consult and exchange , Let you invest less detours !

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