Several large bottom simple structures~

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The index has reached the critical point of the downward trend , The downward trend is on track . The long and short view is fierce , Visual inspection of multiple advantages , People want to rise ! I don't have a long view , I think the breakthrough is to build the bottom structure , If there is no breakthrough, it is still considered a bear market . Let's refer to several bottom structures in history , It's simple , Pupils can also understand , What's complicated is the human heart .

1、6124-1664, Bottom structure

For a year, it has been along 60 Daily decline , Until the breakthrough 60 Daily line , Then step back to confirm the bottom , The beginning of a magnificent rise no less than the bull market .

Trend traders just need to break through 60 Buy after the daily downward trend , Step back on the double bottom , In hindsight, it's that simple .

2、5178 This wave of decline , Along 30 Daily decline , Just break through 30 Daily downward trend, just buy . Or step back on the double bottom and buy some .

3、2018 In fall , The same is true of . Also along 30 Daily decline , Until it broke through 30 Once the daily line appears, buy some , Step back on the double bottom and buy some for the second time .

Look at several bear market trends in history , Any buying that fails to break through the downward trend on the way down is wrong , Until you break through the downward trend, buy some . Personally, I prefer to buy something that goes back to the bottom twice , The position is low , The certainty is very high . But considering that 2015 Year breakthrough 30 The rise after the daily line is very fierce , It's a pity to miss it , Of course, there was a second dip in the back . In terms of practical operation , breakthrough 30 Try to buy a sum on the daily line , Otherwise, in the face of soaring prices, the mentality will be broken .

Let's take a look at our bear market :

The gem has now come to 30 Daily pressure , perhaps 10 Weekly pressure level . If the big male line breaks through 30 Daily line , Personally, I think the downward trend is over , Consider adding . The follow-up is similar 2015 It has soared in consecutive years , Still try to touch 60 The second bottom of the daily line is unknown . All we have to do is follow !

If the downward trend is not over ,30 The daily pressure has reached , Try to continue the bottom next week at the latest .

When the next low point is found , Copy the trend breaking through the downward trend again .

This is an exponential consideration .

Individual stocks can also be viewed from this point of view , In fact, many stocks have broken through the downward trend for a long time , For example, medical beauty 、 The hospital ,CXO etc. . Recently, auto stocks , Great Wall motor , Changan automobile Break through the original 30 Daily downward trend

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