Stephanine's fish [sea king creature]

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source : Snowball App, author : The Yi of the lover bit,(

1. Yunnan baiyao

2.    $ Dali pharmaceutical co. (SH603963)$    

3. Biovalley

4. Step Pharmaceutical

5.$ Qianjin pharmaceutical (SH600479)$    

6.$ Sea King creatures (SZ000078)$    

Normally , If there is a patent, there must be technology and production capacity , Sea King creatures , Step Pharmaceutical And Bio Valley have patents , Do you think the sea king creature is a fish out of the net ?

I don't think the problem should be big , This stephanine is mainly used as a Chinese patent medicine to assist in anti-cancer , And Sea King creatures The introduction coincides , The disk looks like suppressing the stock price and attracting funds , If you open low on Monday, it's not a big problem ~~