The end of Keynes

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Keynesian economics has been swept into the garbage , But it suddenly became a famous school more than ten years ago , And carry forward , But even today, Keynes ended up with stagflation , But it is always unavoidable ,

The reason may be , Enterprises are the only sector that creates wealth ,gov Investment is not , He is too inefficient or ineffective , Do it occasionally when the enterprise is out of business , You can flatten the downward curve , but gov The scale of investment is increasing , Even when crowding out enterprise resources , The ineffective side will be more and more reflected , How can an inefficient investment drive economic growth , It's pulling your hair , Or step on your left foot and go to heaven with your right foot ,

The reason for the great stagflation , Just because of inefficiency , Crowding out a lot of resources , Let the real wealth maker , Enterprises cannot effectively produce and invest , Just stiff , The harder an inefficient investment works, the more like a muddy and spinning tire , It just gets deeper and deeper ,

But not without solution , A good economic cycle , Residents spend hard , Enterprises strive to produce , So the break is , Increasing residents' income accounts for GDP The proportion of , And this proportion is relatively high in the world , There is still a lot of room for improvement , As long as we can grasp this , Economic development is not a problem at all

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