Nature: according to the research of Karolinska Medical College in Sweden, mRNA vaccine was successively strengthened after two doses of inactivation, and the protection level of new crown was the same as that of three doses of mRNA vaccine

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Karolinska School of medicine, Sweden , Individuals who have received two doses of inactivated vaccine were tested mRNA(BNT162b2 or mRNA1273) Add The protective level of strong injection vaccine on Xinguan is similar to that of three doses mRNA Same vaccine , However, the third dose inactivated homologous enhancement failed to improve RBD IgG Antibody reaction .

Two doses of inactivation followed by one dose in sequence mRNA The vaccine , Significantly increase the humoral and cellular immunity to the original strain of Xinguan ; Significantly improve the impact on Beta、Delta、Omicron Cross neutralization ability , Have strong immunity .

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