New Zealand Prime Minister will work remotely during isolation

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda · Adn 14 The results of COVID-19 test were positive. , At present, the symptoms are mild .

According to a statement issued by the government of New Zealand , Because Aden's partner Clark · Gafford is infected with novel coronavirus , Adn 8 Isolation will begin on the th . she 13 Symptoms began to appear on the evening of the th , The rapid antigen test results were weakly positive ;14 Test again in the morning , Confirmed positive .

According to New Zealand epidemic prevention regulations , Aden will isolate to 21 morning , Telecommuting will be conducted during isolation . Affected by this , Aden will not be able to attend two important parliamentary events next week .

New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Grant · Robertson 16 Will take place of Aden at the press conference .

however , Aden's trip to the United States with a New Zealand trade delegation will not be affected . According to the report , The details of Aden's visit to the United States have not been finalized yet , She is currently scheduled to 26 Delivered a speech at Harvard University on the th .

COVID-19 outbreak , New Zealand implements strict epidemic prevention measures , The epidemic situation has been well controlled . In order to prevent the spread of the mutated novel coronavirus Omicron strain , New Zealand tightened its epidemic prevention policy at the beginning of this year . But as the Omicron strain spread , The epidemic in New Zealand has rebounded recently .

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