Will the purchase cost of EDR increase in 2022? When will it be compulsory

2022 year 1 month 1 The date of , Compulsory installation of new vehicles EDR black box . So-called EDR The full name is Event Data Recorder, Vehicle event data recording system , It is called the black box of the car , It is mainly used to record ...

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How to update the expired ID card of Agricultural Bank of China? Can I update it on my mobile phone

When handling bank cards, the staff of the bank will ask us to reserve ID card information , Generally, this time is also valid . When time passes , You will receive a reminder from the bank , The ID card is about to expire , Please update in time ....

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When will the second deduction be overdue if the balance on the loan repayment date is insufficient

Loan repayment can be divided into active repayment and automatic repayment , Active repayment refers to the repayment of the current bill manually by the user before the loan repayment date , Automatic deduction is to wait until the loan repayment ...

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Where can I get a pension after retirement if I pay social security in many places

Convenient transportation , It also allows people to flow between major cities . We often work in different places , You may also pay social security in different regions , So if you pay social security in multiple places , Where can we finally reti...

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These techniques can be used to increase and reduce positions in stocks

Position control is a very important part of stock speculation , Because it will have a great impact on your income , Investors should increase or decrease their positions at the right time , In this way, you can get a higher return , And can contro...

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How to make some money on the Lantern Festival? What do you do on the Lantern Festival

In all kinds of festivals in China , The Lantern Festival is a relatively large festival , Many users will go out to play . During holidays, most users will go out to spend , Lantern Festival is a traditional festival , It is also a good day to make...

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Will the automatic repayment balance of the loan be overdue or will it be deducted

After the loan, users need to make repayment within the specified repayment date , Otherwise, it will be regarded as overdue repayment . When repaying, the user can take the initiative to repay or choose the system to automatically deduct , At the r...

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How to analyze the stock list? Analyze through these five points

The list of stocks is based on the rise and fall of stocks 、 The turnover rate and other indicators are ranked from large to small , Investors can find out the flow of main funds through the dragon and tiger list , So as to make short-term investmen...

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How can the bank card be flattened if it is deformed? Can it still be used

Bank card as a means of deposit and payment , The probability of carrying it with you is relatively large , Improper storage can easily lead to card deformation 、 bending . In this case , We should arrive first ATM Try it on the plane , See if it ca...

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Is the original stock stable? How to buy it?

Is the original stock stable ? How to buy ? Take the answer 1: Hello! , There is a 90% chance that you can buy the original shares and make a steady profit , There are two main ways to buy original shares : One is to acquire when the enterprise is...

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受台风“暹芭”影响,广东清远市普降大雨,个别地区出现暴雨。根据广东省水文局雨量站点监测统计,7月2日8时至3日8时,清远地区面降雨量为71.4毫米,最大降雨站点为清新区龙颈镇白石圩炳水南冲站185.0毫米,全市日降雨量超过100毫米以上的水文站点超10个,主要集中在清城区、清新区等地。 清远市水文局于7月3日8时启动防汛水文测报Ⅳ应急响应,加强应急监测和预报力量,滚动做好信息发布工作。截至7月3日13时,清远市有4个中小河流水文监测站点超警戒水位,各江河水势总体平稳。 清远市水文专家分析指出,台...

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受臺風“暹芭”影響,廣東清遠市普降大雨,個別地區出現暴雨。根據廣東省水文局雨量站點監測統計,7月2日8時至3日8時,清遠地區面降雨量為71.4毫米,最大降雨站點為清新區龍頸鎮白石圩炳水南沖站185.0毫米,全市日降雨量超過100毫米以上的水文站點超10個,主要集中在清城區、清新區等地。 清遠市水文局於7月3日8時啟動防汛水文測報Ⅳ應急響應,加强應急監測和預報力量,滾動做好信息發布工作。截至7月3日13時,清遠市有4個中小河流水文監測站點超警戒水比特,各江河水勢總體平穩。 清遠市水文專家分析指出,...

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Sous l'influence du typhon Siam Ba, le niveau d'eau des petites et moyennes rivières de Qingyuan a dépassé le niveau d'alerte.

Par typhon“Siamba”Impact, Pluie abondante à Qingyuan, Guangdong , Fortes pluies dans certaines zones . According to the Monitoring Statistics of Rainfall Station of Guangdong Hydrological Bureau ,7Mois2Jour8à3Jour8Heure, Les précipitations dans la ré...

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Affected by Typhoon "siembah", some small and medium-sized rivers in Qingyuan have exceeded the warning water level

By Typhoon “ Siemba ” influence , It rains heavily in Qingyuan, Guangdong , Rainstorms occurred in some areas . According to the monitoring statistics of rainfall stations of Guangdong Hydrological Bureau ,7 month 2 Japan 8 these 3 Japan 8 when , Th...

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大洋网讯 记者从花都区气象局获悉,7月2日20时至3日16时,花都全区平均雨量为155.2毫米,最大降水量出现在花都狮岭镇雄狮路,为311.9毫米。 预计今天傍晚到明天早晨仍有强降水发生,并可能伴有龙卷风,请注意防御局地大风、强降雨及强降雨引发的城乡积涝、地质灾害等次生灾害。 广州日报·新花城记者:董业衡 耿旭静

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大洋网讯 据气象部门监测,2日22时,台风“暹芭”(强热带风暴级)位于广西自治区玉林北流市境内,预计“暹芭”将以每小时15公里左右的速度向北偏西方向移动,强度缓慢减弱。 今天19时 22时,广州市出现中到大雨,番禺局部出现暴雨,番禺区大石街录得全市最大累积雨量55毫米,陆地最大阵风出现在南沙区万顷沙镇23.7米/秒(9级)。 目前中山方向和东莞方向分别有降雨云系靠近广州,预计,今天夜间到明天白天广州降水将持续,气象部门提醒大家注意关好门窗,风雨明显时尽量避免外出。 另外,越秀暴雨橙色,天河、荔湾...

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大洋网讯 昨天,“男子地铁车厢内抽烟还称得了新冠”的视频登上微博热搜。目击者称,事发广州地铁3号线。今天下午,广州地铁就事件进行通报: 2022年7月1日上午,有乘客反映:7:30左右,三号线列车上有一名男乘客大声自言自语,并有脱下口罩等行为。地铁工作人员根据该信息上车处理。经核查,该名乘客进站时出示的健康码为绿码,且有规范佩戴口罩,体温正常(36.4℃)。 在交流的过程中,其表现出言谈举止异常,工作人员在对其进行批评教育后,将其劝离车站。事件未影响地铁正常运营。 广州地铁再次感谢乘客积极提供信...

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Huadu District is expected to have heavy rainfall from this evening to tomorrow, and may be accompanied by tornadoes

Ocean net news The reporter learned from Huadu District Meteorological Bureau ,7 month 2 Japan 20 these 3 Japan 16 when , The average rainfall in Huadu is 155.2 mm , The maximum precipitation occurred in Xiongshi Road, Shiling Town, Huadu , by 311...

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Did the man get a new crown for smoking in the subway? The official announcement is coming

Ocean net news yesterday ,“ Smoking in men's subway cars also won a new crown ” The video was posted on the microblog and searched . Witnesses said , Guangzhou subway 3 Line no. . This afternoon, , Guangzhou Metro reported the incident : 2022 year...

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There are also rainfall clouds close to Guangzhou, and the precipitation in Guangzhou will continue from tonight to tomorrow during the day

Ocean net news According to the meteorological department ,2 Japan 22 when , The typhoon “ Siemba ”( A strong tropical storm ) Located in Beiliu City, Yulin, Guangxi Autonomous Region , expect “ Siemba ” Will take an hour 15 It moves north by west...

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  1. 台风“暹芭”将在广西境内减弱,广东中西部仍有暴雨到大暴雨
  2. Typhoon "siembah" will weaken in Guangxi, and there will still be heavy rain to heavy rain in central and western Guangdong
  3. The Hong Kong Palace Museum of culture officially opened to the public on July 3
  4. The father stopped his older son from crying in April, slapped the child to death, and was sentenced to 6 years in prison
  5. An examinee in Beijing was administratively punished for bringing his mobile phone into the examination room illegally to cheat
  6. "Annual minimum sun" will appear tomorrow! Why is it not cool?
  7. Qingdao Airport informed foreign passengers that they did not cooperate with epidemic prevention: their flight itinerary was canceled and the police intervened
  8. One new place in Shanghai is a high-risk area and two places are medium risk areas
  9. Experts interpret the subsequent impact of "siembah", and the possibility of single point rainstorm increases
  10. What happened to the failure of revolving fund loan with a limit and what caused it
  11. How to deal with bad stock? What should investors analyze
  12. What are the new functions of the third generation social security card? The difference between the third generation social security card and the second generation social security card
  13. Will the long-term minimum repayment of Huabai affect the limit? Will the limit be reduced
  14. Is it better for stocks to be short-term or long-term? Is there any change in the handling fee
  15. What does the rise in treasury bond yields mean
  16. How to control stock pullback? You can do this
  17. What are the aspects of credit investigation for Agricultural Bank of China loans? What do banks usually look at when they look at credit investigation
  18. How to choose a portfolio depends on two aspects
  19. Which funds are easy to lose money? Don't touch these suggestions
  20. What is the meaning of automobile EDR? What is the use of automobile "black box"